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Standing up for Alberta

Stephen Mandel announced an Alberta Party government would immediately move to keep more of Albertans’ money within the province, to help fund schools, hospitals and other provincial services, and to reduce the power imbalance between Alberta and Ottawa. An Alberta Party government commits to fighting to ensure Albertans receive the same treatment from the federal government as Quebec.

“Every year Albertans send billions of dollars to Ottawa that aren’t spent on Albertans, but instead given away to other provinces. In return, we receive rejection, scorn and attacks on our industries and our way of life. We see that with a hijacked coastline, and an unfair equalization program, and refusals to consider pipelines like Energy East.”

As the only provincial party not beholden to federal counterparts, the Alberta Party will stand up to Ottawa.

“Albertans are tired of being taken for granted by Ottawa and others. The NDP have been in cahoots with the Trudeau government and failed us. Jason Kenney failed us when he was in Ottawa for nearly 20 years. The Alberta Party is going to take decisive action to keep more of Albertans’ money here in Alberta, so it can be used for schools, hospitals, and other key services for our province.”

The Carbon Tax

An Alberta Party government will cancel the NDP carbon tax for families and small
business, and enact a properly structured carbon price focused on actually reducing
emissions from large industrial emitters.

Alberta Party Fights to Protect Albertans

An Alberta Party-led government will regulate the profession of massage therapy to ensure protection of Albertans by regulating it under the Health Professions Act.

Beth Barberree Alberta Party candidate for Calgary-Varsity, “For nearly 10 years now, both the former PC government and the current NDP government have failed to act, despite an ongoing stream of sexual assault charges against predatory massage therapists.”

Why vote Alberta Party

Already, this election campaign has been riddled with an American-style "call out your opponent" type of rhetoric!  Rather than getting into the fray, the Alberta Party is bringing solutions that prioritize efficient provision of our essential services and that also focus on job creation in a variety of sectors.

Instead of the fracturing of the "united" right and big ticket promises on the left…..

Forestry Industry Initiative

An Alberta Party government will establish a technology development fund focused on forestry resources, make changes to the building code, and enhance exports. This will significantly boost Alberta's forestry industry by enabling a substantial increase in demand for forestry products.

Roads and Autonomous Vehicles Plan

An Alberta Party government will build new lanes on the QE2 highway, upgrade our existing highway network, create Canada’s first corridor for self-driving vehicles, and position Alberta as a world leader in self-driving vehicles for cold-weather climates.

Alberta Party to energize the development of refining and petrochemical processing

Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel announced this morning how an Alberta Party government will take bold actions to energize the development of more refining and petrochemical processing in Alberta and generate greater value from Alberta’s oil and gas resources. This includes an investment in CanaPux, which could revolutionize the oil sands and help Albertans achieve better prices for those resources.

Alberta Party makes life easier for Albertans with digital identification

March 24, 2019 - Edmonton, AB - No more fumbling in your wallet to find your ID. An Alberta Party-led government will move to the 21st Century by introducing one provincial picture Identification Card for government services. This would replace the current jumble of plastic and paper identification for health care, drivers’ licenses, provincial ID and the Alberta WIN Card. The plan is to also launch a digital government identification app with a portal to allow Albertans more flexibility when presenting ID.

Job First Plan

We’re going to make it easier for Albertans to provide for their families again

Alberta Party announces Child Care Plan

March 20, 2019 -Edmonton, AB - Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel announced this morning how an Alberta Party government will pursue the most ambitious plan for early learning and child care in the history of Alberta. The Children First plan includes a major investment of direct financial support to lower and middle income families to cover the costs of licensed day care and out-of-school care programs, a caregiver tax credit, and the creation of more affordable, high-quality child care spaces throughout the province. This means more child care spaces and more opportunities for parents to enter the workforce.

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